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Opening Day This SATURDAY!!!

Opening Day for HVLL is this Saturday,
with the fun and games underway as early as 9 AM

Check with your "Team Mom" or check the schedule below for your Team's Picture Times--some of those are as early as 7:30 AM.

Feel free to come early to enjoy free coffee and muffins from Corner Bakery...while they last.

Also, there will be a Breakfast Food truck at HVLL early.

And of course, we could always use an extra hand setting up!!

We are aware that rain is in the forecast, but it's scheduled for later in the day, so THE SHOW WILL GO ON!  But, come early!

A summary of Opening Day Events:  Pictures, Presentation of Teams, Dunk Tanks (Dunk your favorite manager), Slides, Bounce Houses, Hamster Ball, Laser Tag, wonderful VENDORS (Jewlery clothing, candles.. Sports memorabilia, etc.) SILENT AUCTION, RAFFLE, Food, BASEBALL.

Dunk Tank Schedule:

    9-9:15 Dave Thomas              9:15-9:30 Ken Stockman
     9:30-9:45 Craig Young           9:45-10 Tim Stone
     10-10:15 Cory Tague             10:15-10:30 Cory Staley
     10:30-10:45 Desi Perdomo     12-12:15 Tom Walker
     12:15-12:30 Bob Bennett       12:30-12:45 Julio Paz
     12:45-1 Brent Kosick             1-1:15 Mark Easterday
     1:15-1:30 Gruyer Cadacio      1:30-1:45 Bob Galle
     1:45-2 Keith Kaub                  2-2:15 Corey Miller
     2:15-2:30 Jensen Abellanada  2:30-2:45 Louie Palmerin
     2:45-3 Aaron Galitzen and Mike Charlier

Dunk Tank is 3 for $5--practice up!!!

Finally, even with our new parking lot, parking will be a challenge--come early, carpool, be patient, be considerate to neighbors, etc.




by posted 02/26/2015
Bat Stickers

The Little League District has informed us that everyone in Minor C and up needs to have their bats inspected and stickered for use in the 2015 season.  There will be a booth at opening day with D62 officials...and they will inspect and approve (with stickers) all "legal" bats

No D62 bat sticker and the bat cannot play!!!

So please bring your bats to opening day.

by posted 02/22/2015
Registration is CLOSED.

Registration for HVLL Spring baseball and tball is now closed.  
We are full.  
Thank You.

by posted 01/26/2015
New League Age Determination

At (the national) Congress this April, a new age determination date for Little League Baseball of Dec. 31 was approved, starting with the 2018 Little League season.

The (national LL) Board of Directors, on Nov. 14, approved a new transition plan for players born after April 30, 2005. Players born before May 1, 2005 will not be impacted by this change. The amended regulation and updated age chart can be found online by clicking here. These updates will be included in the 2015 Little League Rules and Regulations for Baseball Divisions.

FYI, especially to newer baseball parents.  Little League as always assigned the players a "League Age"--this is the Age assigned to the player for a given Little League season.  Under this new National Rule, players' League Ages for 2015 will be based on how old they are on December 31, 2015.  In the past, that date was April 30.  Basically, our baseball kids are getting older by 8 months.

Some examples:

If your child is turning 9 on June 1, 2015, he/she is now considered league age 9.  Under the old rules, he/she would’ve been league age 8, because his/her bday was after April 30.  Consequently this player will be eligible for Minor B (after going through tryouts).

If your child is turning 7 on October 15, 2015, he/she is now considered league age 7.  Under the old rules, this child would be league age 6 and eligible for tball if he/she hadn’t played before.  Now, being League Age 7, this player will most likely be placed in Farm.

If your child is turning 10 on August 10, 2015, he/she is still considered league age 9, because kids born after 4/30/05 are grandfathered into the old age determination system.

Please be patient with us as we implement this new plan.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

by posted 11/19/2014
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