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Spring 2015 Baseball



We can accept applications until January 9, 2015.

(late fee applies)

by posted 12/10/2014

We give THANKS for the wonderful fields/facilities we have at Huntington Valley Little League.  
But now, the fields need a REST.  Among other things, they will be re-seeded for the upcoming 2015 spring season.


Violators will be reported to the city.  

by posted 12/08/2014
New League Age Determination

At (the national) Congress this April, a new age determination date for Little League Baseball of Dec. 31 was approved, starting with the 2018 Little League season.

The (national LL) Board of Directors, on Nov. 14, approved a new transition plan for players born after April 30, 2005. Players born before May 1, 2005 will not be impacted by this change. The amended regulation and updated age chart can be found online by clicking here. These updates will be included in the 2015 Little League Rules and Regulations for Baseball Divisions.

FYI, especially to newer baseball parents.  Little League as always assigned the players a "League Age"--this is the Age assigned to the player for a given Little League season.  Under this new National Rule, players' League Ages for 2015 will be based on how old they are on December 31, 2015.  In the past, that date was April 30.  Basically, our baseball kids are getting older by 8 months.

Some examples:

If your child is turning 9 on June 1, 2015, he/she is now considered league age 9.  Under the old rules, he/she would’ve been league age 8, because his/her bday was after April 30.  Consequently this player will be eligible for Minor B (after going through tryouts).

If your child is turning 7 on October 15, 2015, he/she is now considered league age 7.  Under the old rules, this child would be league age 6 and eligible for tball if he/she hadn’t played before.  Now, being League Age 7, this player will most likely be placed in Farm.

If your child is turning 10 on August 10, 2015, he/she is still considered league age 9, because kids born after 4/30/05 are grandfathered into the old age determination system.

Please be patient with us as we implement this new plan.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

by posted 11/19/2014
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